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Electric gates Auburn are steadily gaining popularity among buyers. The reason is the convenience of using such structures, which do not require any effort because an electric drive will do everything for the user. However, automatic gates also have certain nuances that can complicate their operation.

Features of operation of automatic gates with remote control

If you want to understand what difficulties a user may face, it is necessary to have an idea about the device of such systems. In general, their design includes the following elements:

– a sliding or sectional flap with guides that opens and closes access to the fenced area;

– an electric motor that creates the force required to open or close the residential swing gate;

– hydraulic or mechanical drive, by means of which the force from the electric motor is transmitted to the leaf;

– an automation unit that processes signals from remote control and sends a command to the engine to activate the gate.

Main problems

Malfunctions in the operation of motorized gates with remote control can occur due to improper installation, violation of operating rules, natural wear of parts and mechanisms, exposure to negative environmental factors, and malicious actions of unauthorized persons. Puget Sound experts can identify the most common problems of driveway gates near me Auburn.

  • Malfunction of the automated swing gates block. In this case, the sash does not respond to signals from the remote control at all or opens and closes only partially. The reason for these problems is the breakdown of the remote control itself, the signal acceptance and transmission unit, as well as damage to the connecting cables. Elimination is carried out by replacing individual components or the entire electronic module with a remote control device.
  • Breakdowns of the torsion mechanism. This element is installed on sectional doors. It is designed to control the raising and lowering of the leaf. When it goes down, the torsion spring mounted on the rotating shaft twists and accumulates energy. When opening the gate, on the contrary, it unwinds and pulls the leaf up. A frequent breakdown of the torsion mechanism is the breakage of the drive cable, as well as the weakening of the spring itself due to natural wear or too high loads. The problem can be eliminated by completely replacing the drive or its individual faulty elements.
  • Engine malfunction. The operation of electric gates Auburn is provided by an electric motor that supplies voltage to the drive mechanism. This often happens due to the supply of too high voltage or overload. The problem is eliminated, as a rule, by completely replacing the engine and eliminating the cause of electrical signal surges.
  • Malfunctions of the supporting structure. The shutters of electrical sliding gates or automatic swing gates are installed on a frame with guides. During intensive operation, these elements gradually wear out, which causes their deformation and, consequently, jamming of the structure. This malfunction can be eliminated only by replacing the guides with new ones.

The best way to prevent breakdowns of automatic gates is to entrust automatic gate installation Auburn to professionals. It is also recommended to buy only proven designs from well-known brands since their sale is accompanied by full-fledged service, which can be used in case of malfunctions. Installation and electric gate repair Auburn is a responsible process that is best entrusted to professionals. Puget Sound specialists are equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials to carry out high-quality installation and maintenance of all types of gates, automation, security systems, barriers, and roller shutters.