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Residential electric gate​ company in Redmond

Maintenance of electric gates Redmond, regardless of their type, is a necessary set of measures to maintain automatic gates in working condition at any time of the year and in any operating conditions, as well as to extend the total period of their trouble-free operation.

Some owners of automatic gates mistakenly believe that systematic inspection and electric gate repair Redmond are not required. Relying on the manufacturer, they believe that he has set the necessary margin of strength and durability in the design of the gate. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Motorized gates also need systematic maintenance, like your car needs an oil change, filters, and other consumables. They should be periodically examined and diagnosed by qualified specialists. The frequency of service depends on their type, as well as the conditions and intensity of their operation.

Residential swing gate service

Automatic swing gates require a minimum of attention during operation. Their classic design is simple and reliable. If you want to enjoy a correct and trouble-free operation of the automation installed on the swing gate, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the hinges and their support bearings, the smoothness, and ease of movement of the swing gate sash. The easier it is for the drives to open and close the shutters, the longer they will last. If the gate is many years old, special attention should be paid to the sagging of the flaps, violation of their geometry. It is also necessary to check the reliability of the drive attachment to the gate leaf and the support post. It is necessary to ensure that the flaps of the swing automatic gates do not encounter obstacles during movement on their trajectory. Systematically check the integrity of the power supply and control wires of the electric drives.

Service maintenance of sliding gates

If the installers conscientiously performed their work and did the automatic gate installation Redmond efficiently, then you won’t have to devote a lot of time to them throughout the entire service life. It is necessary to pay attention so that nothing hinders their movement in the rollback zone of the sliding gates. During the maintenance of electrical sliding gates, it is necessary to check the correct position of the guide rail relative to the opening, if necessary, adjust it with the help of adjusting stands. It is necessary to make sure that the sliding gates in manual mode move easily, without much effort.

Check the operation of the electric drive of the sliding gate, whether it correctly recognizes the endpoints, and whether it works correctly with safety devices (photocells, warning lamps, etc.). If necessary, you can reconfigure all functions of the electric drive of the sliding gate.

Maintenance of roller shutters and roller gates

What should you pay attention to when servicing? Make sure that there are no foreign objects in the guides (debris, foliage, etc.). If you notice deformations of the guides, then this should be corrected immediately, the web may jam. A silicone or fabric sealer is installed inside the guides, pay attention to its integrity, it is necessary for uniform sliding of the leaf, without distortions. In winter, make sure that there is no ice on the guides.

Timely and professional maintenance of electric gates Redmond is the key to peace of mind in the safety of your property. Despite the high-performance indicators of strength and reliability of automatic systems of entrance structures, it is necessary to regularly and carefully carry out a preventive inspection in order to prevent serious breakdowns in operation.

Puget Sound company provides maintenance services and electric gate repair Redmond: lifting and sectional gates, lifting and turning gates, sliding, roll, and swing gates, and an electric fence gate.

You can conclude a service and repair contract with Puget Sound company, which will include the following obligations: timely inspection and troubleshooting of the system, swing gate opener repair, lubrication and adjustment of components, inspection and adjustment of electric drives and assemblies, an inspection of seals. The company’s specialists have all the necessary components for repair and electric gates installation.