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Electric Gates Seattle are an element of comfort and convenience for the user. However, the high cost of such gates requires the most correct handling of them. And the correct operation of automatic residential and Commercial Gates is the key to their durable and trouble-free operation. What makes up the correct operation of automatic gates?

Automatic gates: what to remember when operating

Automatic gates are a rather complex structure. For its full and correct operation, a competent automatic gate installation Seattle is initially required. And only under this condition, the process of using the system will be convenient and comfortable. And the risk of possible breakdowns is reduced significantly. It should be remembered that the overhaul of automatic gates is an expensive pleasure. And it is better to carry out preventive maintenance in a timely manner than to carry out electric gate repair Seattle as a result of a system failure.

Requirements for the process of using electric gates

For the longest possible and uninterrupted service, electric gates should be properly handled after installation. With all the ease of use, such a system is sensitive to even minor problems that arise. The following points must be observed when operating a residential swing gate​:

  • there must be no obstacles in the way of movement of the door sections. Even minor mechanical impacts can make it difficult to move the sections. And this entails a failure in their system;

  • the gate and the whole system must be clearly adjusted. This is usually done after the gate has been installed. And also during their maintenance;

  • if any changes in the operation of the gate are detected, it is necessary to stop using them. And also turn to professional craftsmen for diagnosing and repairing;

  • repairs should only be carried out by professionals. Organizations that install such gates and repair them must have an appropriate license for this type of activity. And the masters – to have sufficient practical Seattle.

The above rules are simple and accessible. And their observance allows you to prevent the likelihood of breakdowns and malfunctions in the operation of automatic gates of any design.

Features of caring for automatic gates

The process of caring for automated swing gates consists of the following points: elimination of obstacles and obstacles in the way of movement of the gate sections; in winter, the gates are preliminarily cleared of ice and ice; if the gate has not been used for a long time, then also significant dirt and aggressive chemicals (if any) are removed first. After that, solid particles that interfere with the movement of the gate are removed; it is important to clean such gates from pollution in a timely manner. For cleaning, it is better to use an old soft cloth or special cloths for cleaning surfaces. Abrasive agents and materials are not recommended. After all, when using them, there is a high risk of damage to the surface of the gate.

Repair of motorized gates is a rather time-consuming and complex procedure, so it requires the periodic intervention of masters. It is they who are able to conduct a detailed inspection and troubleshoot these structures. Puget Sound company experts will quickly and efficiently repair the electric fence gate. They work with all types of electric gates Seattle:

  • automatic swing gates

  • sectional doors

  • roller shutters

  • up-and-over gate

  • electrical sliding gates.