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Electric gates Renton is a complex technique that requires periodic maintenance and operation. Why spend money on expensive repairs? It is much easier to organize scheduled technical inspections. They will be able to identify and eliminate malfunctions in time. You will get a guarantee of long and trouble-free operation of the device.

Signs of malfunctions

Any mechanism eventually becomes unusable due to natural wear, but, thanks to the prevention of malfunctions, its service life can be extended. Breakdowns often occur due to violations of automatic gate installation Renton, operating conditions, and negligence. The main signs indicating a malfunction are:

  • The sounds of creaking and grinding when the gate moves;
  • Opening and closing occur with great effort;
  • Frequent jamming of the gate in different positions;
  • The automatic drive works slowly or jerkily;
  • Failure of the drive;
  • Incomplete opening or closing of the gate;
  • The drive may spontaneously trigger;
  • Spontaneous change of the drive direction;
  • The skewness of the structure, non-falling into the slots of the gate;
  • The sashes do not converge correctly and sag;
  • Loss of the opening device from the gate;
  • Icing and freezing of gates and components.

In addition, during the operation of the residential swing gate, it may be necessary to replace various elements of the automatic mechanism: glasses, handles, hinges.

Fault prevention

It should be remembered that any mechanism is not eternal and requires both constant maintenance and timely replacement of various elements. it is necessary to organize the maintenance of gate systems, which includes:

  • Periodic inspection of the automatic gate mechanism;
  • Prevention of breakdowns and malfunctions;
  • Timely replacement of broken and worn elements;
  • Prompt elimination of breakdowns.

During the periodic technical inspection, you are provided with a complete inspection of circuits and drives, testing of operability and tightness, examination of power and control circuits, lubrication of mechanical elements, and tightening of fasteners.

electric gate repair Renton, maintenance, modernization, and installation of the electric fence gate, and automatic barriers are the main directions of Puget Sound company activity.

Ensure proper operation and durability of the gate

Automatic gates and barriers are becoming an integral part of our life. It is difficult to imagine a modern garage, country house, industrial or warehouse premises without comfortable, warm, and reliable gates. If you need a gate for a garage, fencing a suburban area, or other objects, the experts are ready to offer and install any type of modern gate system: automated swing gates, sliding gates, sectional doors. Upgrading and installing an automatic control system on existing gates will give them a “second life” and protect you from the inconveniences and disappointments associated with the operation of the gate.

When ordering and installing new electrical sliding gates, automatic barriers, and security posts, our specialists will help you make the most suitable choice for you, taking into account the purpose of the system, its necessary characteristics, the features of the installation object, your personal preferences, and of course, the financial component of the project. Puget Sound guarantees strength, durability, and safety for users of all gate systems we offer.

If your gate requires electric gate repair Renton, or service, then Puget Sound will help you. We perform diagnostics, repair, and automatic gate installation Renton, as well as replacement of any gate systems and automation. Maintenance and repair are carried out by the specialists of the service department.

We are also ready to offer you possible assistance in determining the causes of the breakdown and give recommendations on equipment repair.