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Electric Gate Remote Troubleshooting

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Electric Gate Remote Troubleshooting

Electric Gate Remote Issue

Modern technology allows you to control the gate automation remotely using the electric gate remote. Manipulator brings in the process of controlling comfort and solidity, while the remote for gates and barriers have an unpleasant tendency to fail.
Sometimes the reason for the deterioration of communication can be reasons not related to the failure of the electric gate remote. in this material, we will consider all the major factors affecting the remote-control device.
Before we look at the common problems, we should pay attention to the peculiarities of the design:

  • The gate has the main part that provides protection from the environment and intrusion by unauthorized persons.
  • The flaps are controlled by an actuator. It may have different design features. The transmission of force is carried out by means of gears and some other elements.
  • The main force is usually generated by an electric motor. It receives power from the mains.
  • There is also a control element that receives the signal and transmits it to the executive electronics.

The remote control is represented by the remote control, which transmits the command to the control element.

Electric Gate Remote also differ in the type of coding:

  • Fixed-code transmitters have the same signal, so only one remote is recorded in receiver memory, and then its signal is cloned to other gates remote. The number of such transmitters is not limited, but anyone who picks up your gate remote can easily copy its signal to your remote.

  • Rolling code transmitters are written in the memory of the receiver individually because each of them has its own code, and each time you press a button it will change. The receivers have a special system for recognizing and deciphering “their” codes, so it is difficult to copy the signal to remote control. A disadvantage may be considered a limited number of gates remote for the gate with such automation (limited by the capabilities of the receiver).

There are not many factors for the lack of signal between the manipulator and the control device. In most cases, you can identify only 3 reasons why the Gate Remote Controller is no longer working properly.

  • Failure of the electric gate remote board or the need to replace the batteries.

  • The problem lies in the gate receiver, there is a software failure, or the antenna loses the signal.

  • A powerful source of interference has appeared, reducing the clarity of the radio signal.

The first sign of malfunction can be called extraneous sounds. Specialists recommend cleaning the carrier beam, to begin with, as well as checking what condition it is in. Even minor defects, for example, dents can significantly degrade the performance. In addition, periodic lubrication using oil is carried out.

The above information indicates that mistakes made during connection lead to the following consequences:

  • Breakage of the cable through which the force is transmitted. Jamming of the main part at the moment of force application becomes the reason why it tears. Also, it should not be forgotten that such an element will wear out over time.

  • Breakdown of the actuator itself. The actuator has a rather complicated design, its main component is the motor. Overloading, as well as the application of high voltage, becomes a cause of wear and tear.

  • Premature wear of the main and auxiliary elements. For example, during operation, the guides may wear out quickly.

The elimination of almost any malfunction leads to significant costs. It is worth bearing in mind that when the assembly technology is violated, service centres do not always agree to undertake the repair of the structure. Mistakes are made due to lack of knowledge, as well as lack of the required tools.

Gate Remote Controller

The gate remote controller wears out much faster than the gate itself and this is normal. The most common reason for its replacement is the wear and tear of the buttons. The question is how long they will last – 10 years or a year and a half. And this is the criterion to which you should pay attention, although it seems to be the least significant. In addition, the body of the remote, made of cheap plastic, easily breaks when dropped.

The roots of most problems with the remote-control doors are at the initial stages of installation of automation. Following a number of basic rules will help to significantly reduce the risk of their occurrence. The most important – before installing Electric Gate Remote you need to carefully read the manufacturer’s manual and act according to it. Failure to follow the rules specified in the manual can lead to serious damage to the elements, and in this case, the manufacturer’s warranty will be lost.

The basis of the electric gate remote kit is a receiver device, which can be external or internal according to the type of design. Internal receivers are a board that is located in the control unit of the gate. That is, everything about the mechanical protection is already provided by the execution of the unit. As a rule, there are already programmed remotes in the package. Otherwise, you will have to program Electric Gate Remote yourself. If necessary, additional remotes are programmed in memory.

If you need to prescribe not 25, but, for example, 250 additional remotes, we recommend buying an external receiver. Here the card is in its own case, which is mounted separately from the control unit. You can connect the automatics of different manufacturers to such receivers. If you connect an outdoor antenna, the cable connecting the outdoor antenna and the receiver board must be secured against accidental mechanical damage. Installation of the remote-control module must be carried out prior to connecting it to the power supply.

Cold Weather

Cold weather is a frequent problem. The solution to this issue is very simple – you just need to pour moderately hot water over the bottom of the structure and wait a while, after which the problem will disappear. The use of boiling water in this situation will be inappropriate. This can cause deformation of the product and malfunction in the future.

Electrical or Automatic Problems

Often the lifetime of the gate is much longer than the remote itself, and this is normal. Most often the mechanism connecting the button with the device wears out, so the buttons stop controlling the remote control. With cheap remote controls it is everywhere, so if you do not want to change the remote after 1-1.5 years, think about buying a more reliable and durable model. Preference should be given to remote control for the gate in a metal case or a case with a metal frame – this will protect the remote control from mechanical damage if it falls.

If the remote control does not work, the reason might be the breakdown of the circuit board. The electrical board can fail due to moisture, large amounts of dust, mechanical damage. The board is the heart of the remote, so if it breaks, it is best to buy a new remote.

  1. Electric gate remote malfunction. Can be caused by replacing the battery, or failure of the electric board. Try replacing the battery in the remote first. If you have a spare (working) remote, try replacing its battery with the battery of the main remote. If it works, you just need to buy a battery. If it still doesn’t show any signs of life, it’s worth buying a new one, since it will cost more to fix the old one.

  2. Interference. Some faulty electrical appliances located at your site may cause interference, which will undoubtedly lead to a decrease in signal reception/transmission quality. This can be easily checked by turning off all electrical appliances. By turning them on one by one and checking the operation of the remote control in between, you can easily identify the device causing interference.

  3. Faulty receiver. If the above-mentioned causes don’t solve the problem, your receiver or antenna is probably the problem. In this case, you need to contact your dealer and call for service. You may need to replace one or two components.

  4. Faulty receiver settings. Sometimes when you try to program a new remote control or a power surge the receiver settings fail for all remotes. If this happens please contact your dealer for advice or call for service.

Insufficient range of the signal

An insignificant difference in the declared parameters from the real – is not such a rarity for technology. But the range of the signal sometimes very noticeably differs from what we expect. And if you can put up with 5 meters instead of the claimed 10 meters, then 10 cm is already too much. Because with such a connection we will not be able to open the gate on the side opposite to the receiver.

Such a nuisance, such as reduced range, can be detected immediately after the installation of automation, or after some time. In the first case, we advise you to immediately contact the dealer or the installer of the gate, unless, of course, you have bought a “super-universal” remote control from a random seller with no fixed address.

If everything was fine, and suddenly the remote control started working worse, the search for the cause should begin with the power supply. Most often the range is reduced if the battery is dead. It is easy to fix this by simply replacing the power source. Remote control will not work well in freezing temperatures. But in this case, you just need to warm up the battery. If the malfunction on the power supply side is excluded, check the board, which may have been damaged by moisture.

Third-party interference can also reduce the level of communication between the remote control and the receiver. The first sign of this is a constantly changing range for the remote in the same conditions. A box with a metal frame can “muffle” the signal. And the box of corrugated board, as they say, is originally a strong shield for radio signals.

There are problems with the receiver, too:

  • The external antenna is broken;

  • The signal path from the antenna to the receiver is broken;

  • The receiver’s sensitivity is reduced due to a voltage drop in the network from which it is powered.

  • The signal amplifier fails due to humidity or power surges;

How to clean the electric gate remote

If the problem is caused by a blockage in the electric gate remote, the problem can be solved as follows:

  1. Wipe the housing with a damp cloth.

  2. Remove the batteries and unscrew the screw which fastens the two parts of the housing.

  3. Be careful when disassembling the remote control. There is dust inside the housing and it must be removed. To do this you will need a cotton swab moistened in alcohol. To remove traces of rust, you can use fine sandpaper.

  4. Wipe dry all structural elements of the device.

  5. To reassemble the device, proceed in reverse order. Do not forget to install the working batteries.

Compared to the original remotes, the universal devices are more convenient and multifunctional. They can be used to control several barriers or automatic gates. One universal electric gate remote will replace several originals.

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In conclusion, let us note that, despite the rather large number of problems associated with the use of such a design, it has become very widespread.
Proper installation and periodic maintenance eliminate the possibility of serious difficulties in operation.
Specialists of the Puget Sound Electric Gate company with ease will take care of any problems with your gate.
Real professionals will solve any problem quickly and efficiently.