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In our time, automatic gates have ceased to be exotic. They are increasingly paying attention to those who love comfort and reliability. Automatic gates come in several types and therefore have different functions.

Types of electric gates Bellevue

• Swing.

Automated Motorized Double Swing Gate Bothell WA

A simple design of two wings mounted on opposite pillars of the opening. It opens in two ways: outward or inward, with the help of electric drives. automatic swing gates are manufactured and installed very quickly. Gates are made according to the sketch, they are forged, with an aluminum profile, with sandwich panels. High-quality fittings, reliable locks provide a high degree of security.

Swing gates are treated with special anti-corrosion agents, which significantly extends their service life.

• Sectional.

Sandwich panels are fastened together with loops, forming an integral picture. The unpretentious design moves with the help of rollers. Thanks to individually selected torsion springs, the gate can even be lifted by hand without special tools. In another case, the remote control or the switch button comes to the rescue.

• Turn-over.

They differ from sectional ones by the presence of a lower part that slightly protrudes forward. When opened, they rise to the ceiling. The main plus is durability and reliability.

• Roller.

They consist of aluminum profiles filled with polyurethane foam. Opened by folding aluminum slats. Excellent noise protection.

• Electrical Sliding Gates.

Wrought Iron Commercial Solar Sliding Gates Shoreline WA

Steel framed structure mounted on fixed supports with rollers hidden in the base frame. Thus, nothing spoils the beauty of the driveway gates near me Bellevue, they move freely to the right and left.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of automatic gates

Swing doors fell in love with people because of their unpretentious design, ease of installation in electric gates. The low price is also a plus.

The disadvantages include the fact that an automatic gate installation in Bellevue requires a lot of free space. In addition, automated swing gates are unreliable in terms of atmospheric pressure: falling snow will prevent them from working properly, as well as too strong gusts of wind.

Sectionals are suitable for openings of any size, they are distinguished by the safety of structures, as well as an attractive appearance. When used with care, the Electric Fence Gate can last a long time without creating any additional problems.

The only drawback is the high price.

Roller shoes are very durable and comfortable. The peculiarity is that they can be purchased at a low price. Installing an automatic drive will further simplify the operation process and reduce the likelihood of Electric Gate Repair Bellevue. The disadvantages of roller structures are that they do not provide high protection against burglary, they do not retain heat well in the room.

Turn-over gates provide security, protect against break-ins and are extremely easy to operate. Low price, good sound insulation are the main reasons why buyers choose them.

Disadvantages: poor tightness and low level of heat saving. Also, overhead doors require periodic balancing of the springs of the lifting mechanism, and this is additional time and financial waste.

Retractable ones take up little space. Automatic mechanisms for this type of electric gates Bellevue cost much less than for any others.

Among the shortcomings are sagging or skew of the structure due to errors in calculations, the inability to equip the space near the fence. As well as the need for constant cleaning of the rollers from various blockages or foliage.

Motorized gates require electrical and mechanical components to work in perfect harmony. In order for the products to serve properly, constant maintenance is required. To do this, the owner needs a general understanding of the device and the operation of the mechanisms.

In order for mechanical parts to work for a long time and without fail, it is necessary to make the friction between them minimal. Manufacturers recommend the use of silicone or Teflon lubricant. Do not use thick lubricants for rubbing parts, as they attract dust and dirt that damage moving parts. Hinges, rollers, chain, and of course guides are subject to lubrication. Sign a contract for periodic maintenance of garage doors with Puget Sound company in order to carry out all the necessary preventive procedures in time.