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We are not special, we are the best electric gates installation company in Northwest!

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  • Gate Installation

    Gate Installation

    The gate is an integral and important part of any fence. More and more garage owners are choosing to replace the common hinged structures that close the opening with manual control with the practical automatic ones.

    Our products are of the best quality, of high production standards manufactured under advanced technologies, the innovative designs are introduced and are used along the classic.

  • Gate Repair​

    Gate Repair​

    We will eliminate heavy or irregular motions, jamming while opening, failure of automation, deformation of blades and resettlement of moving parts. We will repair gate automation with replacement of damaged parts with spare parts from official manufacturers.

    We will align the mechanics, adjust the electronics. If it is financially irrational to eliminate a breakdown in the electric drive, you can choose from the catalog and buy automation for the gates by ordering the installation.

  • Gate Automation

    Gate Automation

    Having decided to buy ready-made automatic yard gates or order their production in our company you are guaranteed to get the desired result. You can purchase new accessories for secure automatic entry for your property from us. You can place an order for electric drive with any number of remotes for the sectional garage doors. Remote control will greatly facilitate the operation of the products.

  • Gate Openers

    Gate Openers

    When planning the repair of automatic entry gates, it is important to note the following advantages of contacting our company:

    • Professionalism.
    • Provision of a guarantee.
    • Efficiency.

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PUGET SOUND ELECTRIC GATES AND FENCES provides gate installation and repair services quickly and easily. Our specialists specialize in the repair of electrified gates and access control systems. Our company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We offer same day installation services and emergency repair services to fix any kind of automatic gate faults that may happen.
We serve in Washington and the surrounding areas.


PUGET SOUND ELECTRIC GATES AND FENCES provides driveway gate installation and repair services quickly and easily. Our rich practical experience and the ability to modernize objects of any scale and the desire to be the first to introduce innovative projects are the key points noted to successfully solving clients’ problems. Our mission is : safety, simplicity, functionality and accessibility.
Everything we do is done with the aim of saving user time, automating and simplifying daily tasks. Our specialists specialize in the repair of electric fence gates and access control systems. We serve Seattle, Arlington, WA and the surrounding areas currently.
One of the key advantages of PUGET SOUND ELECTRIC GATES AND FENCES is the availability of a service department that solves the problems of service and repair within 24 hours.
Our engineers and other professionals respond to their commitments made to customers, and, of course, we deliver and install products exactly on time.
We are a professional team of installers and recognized brand. High qualification of our employees allows us to select products that meet the requirements of our customers. Own production and direct supply is PUGET SOUND ELECTRIC GATES AND FENCES leadership in the field of complex facility equipment. PUGET SOUND ELECTRIC GATES AND FENCES is a company you can trust in,
Call us now if you need an electric automated lift gate or you need to repair one.

Top Experienced specialists

Top Experienced specialists

You can always rely on the professionals who can help with your needs.

100 % Client satisfaction

100 % Client satisfaction

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Moderate price

Moderate price

A- «Turnkey» installation. Our team оf рrоfеѕѕіоnаl technicians are always rеаdу to hеlр уоu with уоur needs.

Best of the line products

Best of the line products

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Gate installation

Our clients can make an awe inspiring entrance for their guests while they’re seeking to enhance their properties level of privacy with our quality automated road gate system.

The most important function is assigned to the gate in any construction. These structures protect material values, property from unauthorized access. Additionally, they can block the flow of cold air.

Specialists of our company will make the process of installing residential or commercial gate system efficient and without the risk of unnecessary and costly mistakes caused by unskilled do-it-yourself work.

Most requested gate types

Swing gate system

The first version of sliding gates on a suspended console system

This type of sliding gate is often used for barns, warehouses, workshops, car washes. This version of the blade is in a suspended position and moves from side to side on rollers. The implementation can be called the absence of the need to install a foundation, but a big minus – the height of the entrance is limited, since the upper beam blocks the opening.

Most requested gate types

Swing gate system

The second type on the middle beam

This is a more complex design and a less reliable guide, which is attached to the abutment in the middle of the sash and requires a lot of nuances. This option was invented as an alternative to the classic type on the foundation on the side (type 4). This option does not require a foundation. This option of sliding gates is not in demand, only 2-3% choose it.

Most requested gate types

Swing gate system

The third view on the rail along the surface.

This option involves moving the sash along the rail. A guide profile is installed on the prepared surface of the opening, which must be solid. The structure moves left-right on wheels along the profile. A big minus – the runners along which the sash moves are often clogged with sand, debris, and in winter snow and ice freeze. This option requires constant cleaning and monitoring. Only 3-5% of those wishing to install a sliding structure choose this type.

Swing gate system
The fourth (most popular) type with a lower guide bar

If you still do not know which sliding gates to choose, we can say with confidence that this option of sliding gates is better and most likely yours, since more than 90% of those who wish choose it. Increases the ride height.

Swing gate system- an option for arranging a car entrance, made of specially pressed metal sheets, cheap, beautiful, suitable for any building facade, site.

Swing models attract with ease of installation, low cost. But structures can create a certain inconvenience when the area in front of the garage is limited. When the roller shutter system is lifted, it is rolled into a roll on the shaft, fixed in the upper part. The doors can be mounted inside and outside, they are made of steel, aluminum alloys. The advantages of the structures are the reliability of protection, compactness, and the presence of automatic control.

In overhead gates, the sash is a single piece. When opened, it rises at an angle to a horizontal position. The integrity of the web guarantees high reliability of protection.

Sectional models are created from panels connected by hinges. The special lifting mechanism is equipped with bearings, rubberized rollers for smooth lifting of the web. These structures are universal, used in garages and industrial facilities, provide protection from the cold, and are highly durable.

Gate repair

With a quality automated gate system, our clients can increase the level of privacy of their property and protect themselves.

Gates have a crucial role in the protection of the house, property and assets from unauthorized access. In addition, they can block the flow of cold air.

The specialists of our company carry out the installation of the door system and without the risk of unnecessary and costly mistakes caused by unskilled do-it-yourself work.