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Electric gates Burien become faulty due the peculiarities the operation the systems due poor assembly the structure. Most often, the Electric Fence Gate opening mechanism, drive structural elements fail.

Each type gate its own characteristics. The failure the main elements associated with this design feature.

Types gates the causes their failure:

  • Swing – consists two wings, a , a base. A malfunction the automation the gate occur the locking mechanism, a appears when the leaves move, their movement becomes very tight. Due the impact strong gusts wind, the sashes deformed, sagging occurs from a strong load the hinges.

Automated Aluminum Double Swing Gate and White Fogged Glass

correct the breakdown, necessary inspect the details the structure. When creaking – clean lubricate the hinges. order the hinges not due the weight the metal doors, recommended insert additional rigid during the automatic gate installation Burien . A tight move occurs when the sash sags, this defect corrected only after the effect gravity the hinges been eliminated.

  • Lifting – consist one sash that opens . Malfunctions that occur with this type design: creaking knocking when opening the sash, gearbox failure, spring deformation cable breakage.

the process opening the sash accompanied creaking knocking, necessary treat the hinges with grease. Breakage the spring cable, well a malfunction the shaft, gearbox, drum, occurs when the not adequately loaded, worn, due poor quality. this case, these must replaced with new ones. The cause the wedged blade the weakness the fastening the rollers, brackets, skids. This happens when the integrity these violated.

  • Electrical Sliding Gates – the type mechanism similar the lifting gate structure, but the leaf opens the left right side. systems this type, there similar malfunctions lifting systems. A occur during the movement the valves, the details the mechanism deformed.

A common cause the failure automatic gates a malfunction the automation. The determine the exact cause open the gate manually. there problems, then the automation broken down the system.

Malfunctions breakdowns automatic swing gates occur due incorrect laying the foundation the supporting pillars, failure comply with the tolerance the hinges, a result which, improper movement the leaves lead a breakdown one the drives, sticking the limit micro switches, jamming the main worm mechanism, loss capacitance the capacitor, which, accordingly, will entail the inevitable repair automated swing gates. Failure comply with the requirements the installation the gate leads a breakdown the control unit, a the wires between the photocells, motors, the unit. Diagnosis automation electric gate repair Burien should carried out a specialist, the damage small, then swing gate opener repair advisable, however, case severe damage, repair swing gates does not justify itself – more profitable replace broken .

The peculiarity residential swing gate repair that automation repair often required there signs external damage voltage drops the automation unit, then necessary replace the existing model automatic gate drives with a model designed more intensive . case malfunctions the operation the gate, necessary call a specialist electric gates installation repair soon possible, which will allow maintaining excellent performance extending the service life automatic sliding gates.

Puget Sound Burien employees will not only repair motorized gates but also give useful advice issues related their proper operation, which will prolong the life the gate a long time.