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In the modern world, automatic gates are widely used in the exterior of residential premises, as well as offices and enterprises. electric gates Kirkland can have a variety of construction and design.

To date, the following main types are distinguished: residential swing gate, sectional, rollback, and roll gates. If you choose the electric gates installation, then the operation of the sash can be controlled from a distance.

The type of automation is selected depending on the type of gate, as well as taking into account the intensity of operation. For example, electrical sliding gates. Particular attention should be paid to the preparation of the foundation since the drive is attached to it. It is extremely difficult for a non-professional to do this, so it is better to entrust automatic gate installation Kirkland to professionals with sufficient knowledge and experience.

Basic rules of gate operation

  • It is forbidden to leave the gate in a semi-open position for a long time.
  • It is necessary to clear the path of the gate from foreign objects.
  • The main working nodes need to be kept clean.
  • The place where the bottom sealing rubber comes into contact with the floor must be clean. This should be especially closely monitored in winter.
  • The condition of the cables should be checked regularly. Timely detected abrasions and creases must be replaced; thus it will be possible to avoid ruptures.
  • The warranty given by the company for the equipment will not be valid if you decide to repair or re-equip the gate yourself.

However, some malfunctions can be eliminated independently, for example, you can lubricate the extreme and intermediate loops, the axis of the rollers, the lock cylinder, and the torsion spring. This procedure should be performed in case of a creak.

Is it worth ordering gate maintenance?

Electric gates Kirkland service has a number of pros and cons. They are as follows:

  • The most important thing is the cost. The prices for such a service are quite high, so if the automation or the engine is broken, it is better to replace the Kirkland components of the gate at the same time.
  • The cheapest repair is offered for automatic barriers and the most expensive – for sectional gates.
  • Quality of services. There is an undeniable advantage here, since Puget Sound company offers quick response and troubleshooting, in addition, it gives a guarantee for the performed work. You can order electric gate repair Kirkland and expensive automatic sliding gates, and simpler automatic swing gates.
  • In most cases, they work not only with the specified breakdown, but also adjust the work of automation and mechanisms. Not all users can configure the operation of motorized gates according to the instructions, and here, they often offer free setup in addition to repairs.

Repair driveway gates near me Kirkland should also be entrusted to Puget Sound experts in cases where the breakdown is difficult but manageable. The service guarantees quick troubleshooting, configuration, and full adjustment of the automatic sliding gate system, etc. according to the user’s requirements. Puget Sound clients can count on a full range of quality services for warranty and post-warranty repair of gate structures, roller shutters, and barriers. We are also ready to take over the maintenance of gates that are already installed at the customer’s facility. We can replace the leaf, automation, and electronic modules if necessary.

Our own warehouse of components and the staff of qualified specialists allow us to quickly and efficiently restore the functionality of entry groups of any complexity. At the same time, the cost of maintenance and urgent electric gate repair Kirkland is quite affordable for a wide range of customers.