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To date, electric gates Kent are considered the most convenient and popular option for both residential premises and offices or businesses. Automatic gates have different designs. There are automatic sectional gates, residential swing gates, and sliding or classic gates. However, they all have one thing in common — automation and the ability to control the movement of the gate at a distance.

Automatic gate installation Kent depends on the type of gate itself since each of them has some features. For example, electrical sliding gates require special attention to the preparation of the foundation on which the drive will be attached. Therefore, electric gates installation requires special knowledge and skills, and the only right way is to entrust this matter to specialists. This will allow your gate to serve for a long time, not to break, and not let you down.

In addition, you should know the following rules for the operation of the gate:

  • An electric fence gate cannot be left in a semi-open state for a long time.
  • It is impossible to allow unnecessary objects to get in the way of the gate.
  • All main working nodes must be kept clean.
  • It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the place where the lower sealing rubber band comes into contact with the floor. Special attention should be paid in winter.
  • It is worth inspecting the cables regularly. Track all damages, abrasions, and creases. This way it will be possible to prevent a break and replace the part in time.
  • If you undertake an independent repair, alteration, or re-equipment of the gate, then the security guarantee given by the company that was engaged in electric gates installation is automatically removed.

Repair of automatic gates

Repair of electric gates Kent may be required if the owner has not carried out timely maintenance during active operation. It is recommended to perform it at least once a year, but it is better to do it every quarter in case of intensive equipment operation. The absence of planned maintenance of the product can lead to the failure of the electric motor and the gate as a whole. If any malfunctions occur, you should call a specialist.

Malfunctions of automatic gates

The “weak link” of sliding systems is often the rollers that open / close the gate; sometimes there are situations when the gate leaf ceases to fall into the catcher.

Owners of automatic swing gates face such a problem when the movement of the sash is difficult or cannot be carried out at all. The list of specific problems can also include the distortion of the shutters, and the wear of the hinges.

Due to the design features, sectional doors rarely break. However, if this happens, then, as a rule, the cable flies off the drum, and the springs and rollers wear out or weaken.

If they are installed properly, motorized gates will last a long time without needing repair. However, errors in the installation of sectional doors lead to wear of the rollers, breakage or periodic fall of the cable from the drum, breakage of springs, weakening of the fastenings of hinges, rollers, guides, brackets, failure of engines. There is often a need to repair the leaf of sectional gates, which can be damaged as a result of blows by vehicles or attempts to penetrate. Depending on the condition of the parts, the repair of sectional doors can be reduced to partial or complete replacement or swing gate opener repair. We guarantee high-quality and reliable electric gate repair Kent because our employees know their features and possible problems that may arise during operation.