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Swing gates are less convenient to operate than a similar sliding model.
Features of use:
When buying a sliding structure, you get significant space savings. Swing gates definitely lose in this criterion, because their opening trajectory requires significantly more space.
They are particularly convenient for industrial enterprises, as they can withstand heavy loads due to their design.
Automatic mechanisms for sliding gates are more intensive than automatic mechanisms for swing gates.
There is no need to clear the territory for the operation of the gate during the winter season.
When installing sliding gates in Redmond, Renton, or any other city, you get a clean opening without any jumpers, which greatly facilitates the passage of vehicles of any size.
The possibility of a built-in wicket.
The situation is excluded when the flaps in a gust of wind can damage the car.

Wrought Iron Commercial Solar Sliding Gates Shoreline WA


The design itself is quite simple and consists of two leaves with hinges. This type of gate is indispensable if there is not enough free space on the site along the fence for the tail part of the sliding gate. As for the appearance of the canvas, the type of construction does not affect the design, in both versions there is the possibility of decorating the canvas with the use of forging, high-quality hammer painting and other elements.
An important point when choosing a yard gate is the quality of the product, which is determined by the correct manufacturing technology. Thanks to our painting technologies, which have been perfected over the years, despite the long operating time, the product does not lose its original appearance.
Based on the experience of long-term cooperation with developers of new buildings, it can be stated that in 90% of cases mechanisms are used that will save space, i.e. – sliding gate design.

Dual Swing Driveway Steel Gate Kent WA


Just one press on the remote control button and the gate opens, the car easily enters the garage, no effort is needed! It is very simple and elegant. A wide range of different gate openers are available. They will allow you to enter your yard, garage or easily open it.