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Electric gate repair

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We strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND repairing the drive or gate by yourself. An attempt to repair automation by an unqualified specialist can only aggravate the situation, and during the repair process you can endanger your life and can make the repair process more complex for you and for our team as well. The automation installed on the gate is permanently connected to the power supply network.

Repair of the gate drive, when contacting us, will be easy for you. We will repair gate automation at any time convenient for you , and we do it professionally.

As a rule, the need to repair automation arises for the following reasons:
– Improper operation of automatic gates;
– Improper adjustment of units and mechanisms of automatic gates;
– Instability of voltage in the network, incorrect connection of automation elements;

Much less often, repairs are necessary in the case of destruction and breakdown of an electric drive or other automation element. And very rarely the repairs are necessary when the product (electric drive) develops the established service life.


No matter how reliable the gate structure is, sooner or later it will have to be repaired! An external mechanical damage or improper operation leads to the failure of the gate and its automation.

In this case, you can buy a gate, or you can order a Emergency Gate Repair Service.

Sliding & Swing Electronic Gate Repair.

Repair of bearing loops

The most common problem is the repair of the bearing hinges, sagging of the sashes, as well as mechanical damage (for example, accidently by a vehicle). Replacing the hinges is an easy process. It is enough to contact us and our installers will come to your site in the shortest possible time and bring your gate back to its life.

Sagging of the gate leaves

The most common cause is a poorly welded gate frame. The consequence of such a defect is that the gate opens and closes with difficulty, and in some cases it is completely impossible to make your gate functioning.

Broken locks

There are no doors that cannot be opened. If your lock is suddenly jammed, your independent attempts to open the gate will be unsuccessful or will bring more damage to your gate, So it’s time to call the professionals, Call our company for a quick fix.

Sectional door repair

The most common breakdowns which happen are:
The Broken cables.
It is a very unpleasant phenomenon, especially if the gate is not equipped with cable break protection devices. The reason is trivial wear and tear, corrosion and mechanical stress.
Do not try to make repairs yourself. This will bring you not only additional costs, but also dangerous self injuries. One of the two cables often breaks, An untrained person, trying to repair the gate, also breaks the spring, increasing the cost of repair at times.

Damage to panels

It is also a very common gate breakage when panels can come out, or get mechanically damaged or delaminate (eg during car washes). In this case, we recommend replacing the panel or ordering the service of restoring sectional door panels.

Spring break

This is one of the most serious breakdowns to sectional doors. If the torsion mechanism is not equipped with a spring break protection device, then a spring break can damage not only the door, but also the property in the immediate vicinity and can pose a serious danger to people nearby at the time of damage. If the doors are more than 5 years older, we strongly recommend replacing the torsion spring of the sectional doors. This will help avoid the consequences of a broken spring.

Service maintenance

Sectional doors will come out over time. The rollers wear out, the rubber seals become unusable, the springs get weaken. The combination of the above can lead to complete failure of the gate mechanism, up to the impossibility of restoring the gate. We strongly recommend that the sectional door be serviced at least once a year.

Restoration of sectional door panels

Sectional door panels are very expensive. In the event of a sudden breakdown, for various reasons, not everyone will be able to afford to put out of their pocket such an amount at once. But there is a way out – It is the restoration of the door panels. With a competent approach and knowledge of the design features of the gate, you can almost and always find a way out and restore the product’s performance.

Repair of sliding gates

The sliding gates themselves are a reliable due to their design. However, they are also subject to wear and tear, and also often become “victims” of road accidents and other mechanical influences. In almost all cases, the structure can be restored without having to buy new sliding gates. It is enough to replace the damaged sections of the doors, replace the fittings if necessary or, if the doors are made of sandwich panels the panels can be replaced easily by our professionals.

Repair of Automation

Automation repair usually boils down to replacing worn-out parts that have burned out as a result of various factors of electronic boards, as well as correcting installation defects of unskilled workers.

Our company will not only repair, but also will install the automation correctly, which will allow the products to last much longer.

Repair of barriers

Our company also repairs barriers of all manufacturers. Replacing a boom, which is often in stock and it takes less than an hour. Control boards, mechanical elements, electrical wiring are the most common causes of failure. Our qualified staff will quickly identify and eliminate the malfunction, and if necessary, also in a short time, replace the failed parts.

Very often barriers are “demolished” by cars. In this case, the barrier post itself often breaks. The situation can often be corrected on the spot. It is possible to simply carry out the necessary locksmith and welding work at your facility.



The structures of all automatic gates are treated with anti-corrosion compounds, which provide reliable protection against many negative external factors. Therefore, a product such as an automatic gate requires minimal maintenance. Follow the rules and recommendations outlined in it and the gate will always have an excellent appearance and will give you many years of confident work.

The dirt must be cleaned regularly from door surface, The gate should be wiped with a soft cloth, you can use gentle chemicals. Do not use aggressive detergents.

Keep hinges and idler rollers clean. Due to contamination of these parts, overloading of the electric drive or loss of ease of movement of the blade, and even breakdown, is possible.
Wooden automatic gates should be covered from time to time with special protective equipment that will reliably protect the gate from rotting.
Lubricate the mechanics of the auto gate (hinges, springs, rollers) with grease 3_10. Then your gate will work smoothly and will open smoothly.

During winters, be sure to clean the snow from the gate and remove it with a motorized brush to keep your gate running smoothly. If the door is iced, then before lifting it, it is imperative to clear the door leaf from ice.
When using the electric drive, it is strictly forbidden to create obstacles to the gate (for example, to stop the gate with your hands), and also do not make movements under a moving door leaf.

Do not leave the gate in a half-open or half closed state for a long time.

If you take proper care of the gate, keep it clean, then the automatic gate will serve you reliably for many years.