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6 common problems with electric gates

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6 common problems with electric gates

Electric gates are movable structures that are subjected to loads on supporting elements and wear out and break over time.

For a certain type of structure, exact methods of correcting problems are distinguished, which depends on the type of structure, for example, automatic, sectional, etc. Self-gate repair will be different for these types of devices, even in the early stages of work. 

Types of the malfunctions driveway electric gates

In the functioning of such a structure, all kinds of malfunctions arise, which establish:

  • Sliding gate repair is required in the following cases:
  • creaking or tapping of the doors;
  • sash webs sag;
  • difficulty opening-closing the gate;
  • faulty locking mechanism;
  • Prevention of automated gates breakdowns

Unusual noises may indicate a problem. If such a problem occurs, it is necessary to make an urgent automatic gate repair near me. Regular lubrication prevents door malfunctions. 

The moving parts of the gate – hinge brackets, roller holders, springs – must always be well grease. A special product should be applied to them every three months. The lubricant should be applied to the cleaned surface with a thin layer, and not excessive, so as not to turn moving parts of the structure into a magnet for dust and soot.

Adjusting and balancing the door leaf also helps to avoid breakage. Unlike grease, which can be produced by the owner himself, qualified personnel must carry out adjustment and balancing.

The causes of the previously mentioned malfunctions may include the following problems:

  • Impact of climatic factors.
  • Skewed door due to installation errors.
  • Multiple opening/closing cycles, in such cases motorized gates remote not working.
  • End of the manufacturer’s service life.
  • Lack or poor quality maintenance.
  • Force majeure in the form of damage to the structure by vehicles when entering or leaving.

Therefore, automated gate repairs are a standard procedure ordered by all owners of such products. Such malfunctions require the intervention of specialists who are engaged in constant maintenance and repair of gates of this category. They have both work experience and the necessary equipment, which is necessary for a quick and high-quality restoration of the operability of the entire rather complex structure.

How do automatic gate sensors work

Modern automatic gates should be as safe as possible. Even a perfectly tuned drive cannot guarantee such a high level of safety. Therefore, various means are used.

Such a tool is a gate security sensor. Photocells for the gate will instantly stop the movement of the canvas if an obstacle appears in the way. The system immediately starts a reverse movement.

When a person or a car approaches the gate, the radar motion sensor sends a signal to the operator to open it, and when the object moves away – to close it. The correct choice of a motion sensor is very important, therefore, in such a process, one should take into account the conditions in which it will operate, the power of the switched equipment, the determination of the range, and the response speed.

It is recommended that motion sensors be checked regularly (every 3-4 months).

What are the Repair electric gates types

  • diagnostics of gates and automation;
  • prevention of malfunctions;
  • replacement of worn parts and mechanisms;
  • preventive operations: lubrication, cleaning, adjustment, adjustment;
  • elimination of minor faults;
  • control of security systems.

Timely service will ensure the reliable operation of any gate systems. Our team is ready to service your gates on a regular basis with high quality and professionalism.

Each complex mechanism eventually needs the attention of specialists. Carrying out the repair of automatic gates, our company offers customers comprehensive diagnostics and timely elimination of malfunctions of any nature. A detailed price list for technical assistance will allow you to correctly plan your expenses. 

While carrying out repair of automatic driveway gates, we eliminate the following typical faults:

  • problems with leaving the car;
  • damaged gate tracks;
  • incorrect operation of automation.

With the help of our qualified specialists, your sectional door will work as it did on the first day. We have a large assortment of original spare parts to get your gate back to work at the right time. Our specialists keep the situation under control.


If you are in need of motorized gates opener repair in Seattle, our company will come to your aid. By performing troubleshooting electric gates, we eliminate malfunctions that complicate the operation of the structure.

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